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Rainbow Romances: Charity collection - National Aid's Trust

Eight enchanting stories from seven authors showing that love really is just love. M/M F/F and Bisexual characters. 


Marolyn Krasner Selia

Selia- A woman living a boring life. JJ- mail clerk where Selia works. Miriam and Betty- women who try to help Selia. Evelyn- Helps Selia find what she needs. Selia suffers from interspecies cohabitation (plant, animal, human), brought on by a lack of any strong emotion. An emotional status which changes the body. Most would not experience it this way. A very creative story.

Rating: 4-5 - noteworthybookreviews.com

This also marks my association with the zon here: amazon.com/author/marolynkrasner